Our emphasis as independent filmmakers lies in the areas of fiction and documentary. Besides that we offer a huge variety of services – for cinema, TV and web. This includes a number of formats such as interviews, factual entertainment, short films, serial formats, commercials, music and dance videos, showreels for actors and presenters, art and theater projects, sports and action videos (especially extreme sports, underwater and aerial shots), travel and nature docs, corporate videos for companies, clubs, hotels and restaurants as well as instructional and educational videos. In addition to moving images we also cover all common fields of photography.

We offer many years of professional experience in all kinds of productions – from high-end budgets with sponsors, funding, TV stations and trucks loaded with equipment to indie shots with smaller crews that require unorthodox solutions and improvisation. In addition to the possibilities that our own camera, sound and lighting equipment offers, we provide access and knowhow to state of the art technical solutions and augment our crew with specialized personnel according to the given requirements.

If there’s something we haven’t done yet – just contact us! There is no assignment that’s too small or too big for us. We offer perfect solutions for any budget and are always fully committed to quality.


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