We are cosmopolitan, critical thinkers, who have come together with the goal to make our passion for film the highest priority in our work. Our approach is to inspire and support each other in order to achieve the highest standards in the realization of our projects, with a precise eye for aesthetics and detail. Our mentality fuses an unwavering openness for innovative concepts with target-oriented original solutions. We strive for discipline and ambition in their execution, always keeping our appetite for improvisation. Our main focus lies on authentic, substantial, thought-provoking ideas. Our wide spectrum of topics and genres reflects our permanent curiosity in life, cinema, culture, traveling and what’s happening in the world. We’re not a standard production company and not an agency – more of a libertine, dynamic, multi-cultural team. We’re forever hungry, versatile, idealistic and full of vigorous energy.

Respective to the pomegranate, concentrated to its fermented essence. Refreshing and healthy like an antioxidant-treatment; polyphenols. Strong and subtle at the same time. A mystical fruit that contains a rich bounty. Complex. Intense in color and taste, bright red, seductive, passionate, timeless, stylish. Carried into the world out of ancient Persia on the Silk Road – from China to the Mediterranean. In numerous cultures a symbol for diversity, prosperity, fertility, luck and love.

Eat a pomegranate and become invincible!


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