• Position: Filmmaker, videographer, photographer
  • Specialties: Location scout, special vehicles expert, aerial shots,
    underwater, extreme sports, outdoor, nature, tourism
  • Year of birth: 1985
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Contact:

“Playboy, revolutionary, terrorist.” – that’s what they said about “Carlos the Jackal” back in the seventies. Our own Carlos has similar wild tendencies. Perhaps not a terrorist, but once you meet the ex-stripper you soon realize that you’re dealing with a dangerous personality. This filmmaker and photographer is a true all-round talent, a libertine by heart and an idealist who loves to improvise. An avid water and extreme sports athlete, he spends much of his time outdoors. He’s highly interested in the culture and heritage of his home region Andalusia – which includes Flamenco music as well as the original shooting locations of Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti westerns, which have fascinated Carlos ever since he was a little kid in the city of Almería. Nevertheless, the nomad feels constantly tempted to spontaneously travel the world and so he’s been living and working in his van, which he drives around the Iberian Peninsula and Italy for the best part of the year, and also Scandinavia where he is exploring the Norwegian fjords.

Carlos’ artistic work reveals his dedication to mankind and nature – for example, his two documentaries “Saving Leuser” (Sumatra, Indonesia) and “Ágape – Story of a Dream“ (Thailand and Myanmar / Burma), which he made during his long trips through South East Asia (2011–2013) and which garnered awards at numerous international film festivals. Carlos’ images have been published in many media channels, such as The New York Times, Al Jazeera or RTL Germany. He puts special emphasis on working with available light, which is characteristic of his visual style and gives it a natural, authentic look.

His repertoire of services includes promos, especially for hotels, luxury resorts, restaurants and companies of all kinds, as well as practically anything that has to do with tourism, marine industries and the ocean. A special mention should go out to Carlos’ outstanding skills in aerial shots with his own drone, underwater shots for diving videos, outdoor, action and sports videos. In 2013 he opened a part-time office in Norway under the name ”Nordfjord Films“.


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